Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Overflow Christmas Party

Tonight we had our Christmas party. It was a success. At least I thought.

She night started with two name the Christmas songs with Acronyms and one with pictures. Cassie lead these games.

Then we had announcements. DYC Feb 13th-16th deposit due Jan 18th. Matamoras Missions trip June 18th-28th and last announcement no youth group or impact groups the next two weeks.

We played a game I called what happened next. We watched some internet video's that I downloaded and I paused it a certain times and gave options on what was going to happen next. It was a hit.

Next Julia lead the group in a gingerbread house making contest.
Classic house went to: Eve Runner up: Brittany
Most creative: Angie Runner up: Jordan and Shane
Best of the worse: Katie Runner up: Daniel

We finished the night playing game Christmas movie quote game. I found quotes of Elf, Christmas Carol, Grinch, and Christmas story. They were to say there quote and find the people that had quotes from that same movie and group together. In there group they were to answer some questions about themselves.

Announcements: A-
Games: A
Volunteer participation: A
Lesson: N/A
Fun: A
Ciaos: B
Worship: N/A

Monday, December 15, 2008

Last two weeks

So it has been a few weeks since my last blog. I have got behind on what is happening around her in fridged Idaho. So I am going to give you the last two weeks in reverse.

12/14 It snowed yesterday at church. I didn't go outside because last time it snowed I recieved a snowball to the ear from a high schooler. (sierra) It only brought, about 1/4 where we live. Church went well and pauls illustration tieing Michael phelps to Boaz made me miss the olympics.

12/11 I was able to spend 24 hours with stevo. He came down from Courdelane. We played some World tour, did some christmas shopping and went hot tubin. It was great to see him. It is amazing how you can see someone and remember how much you miss them.

12/8 and 12/10 I help coach 6 high school girls to present two abstinence presentations to about 200 middleschoolers each time. They spoke on Media Influences and Linking Drugs to Sex. They did awesome and will be leaders for years to come.

12/6 During the weekend one of the girls that lead our missions trip in New Orleans came down from Spokane. (she is attending Moody Bible up there) It was fun to have her come down. On saturday we had 6 children come over to decorate cookies and watch movies with us. They were all ranging from 5 years to 1 year. Paige helped out a ton with all the little ones. She would make a great summer intern. So if you know of a great church that is looking for an intern please let me know. I am trying to convince her to serve here.

12/2-12/3 Youth groups this week went well. We talked about the supremecy of Christ. We listened to the Chris Tomlin song "God in this city." We played some name game with putting randome cards together to make a poker hand. But each person had two cards and needed to connect up with other people. We also played the game that you put the celebrity on the back of the person and they can only ask yes or no questions to figure out who it on there back.

11/29 We got back to lewiston and decorated for christmas. I told cassie that I wasn't going to help if we decorated before thanksgiving. She said that as soon as we got back from thanksgiving we would. So we did. The house looks great. It took me a week to get the outside lights perfected.

11/27 We had thankgiving at Cassie's aunt and uncle's house. The entertainment was a brown lab puppie, the little girls and Colby. The puppy was so cute and so lazy and soft. The little girls were also so cute. They played with all of us from a frizbee to a back rub for me.

11/25-11/26 Cassie and I were able to do some sight seeing in Nashville. We went to the country music hall of fame and Studio B. We also went to the Opry. I have a new appreciation for country music after all of that. It was a great time. We really liked Nashville.