Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thank you

Hey Everyone,
I am in Portland right now. With our high school ministry. We are at the District Youth Conference. But I wanted to take a moment and to thank some people. 
Thank you for all those that supported me as I was in Africa. Thank you for your prayers, your love and your support to allow me to experience this great trip. I loved it. 

A few things that stick out in my mind as I think of the Hospital In Bongolo. The workers from mali. The smiles that they would bring to our faces. The hard work that they did. Second I think of the great job the Hospital is doing in training people. It is the best Discipleship model that I have ever seen. The missionaries there are great. They were very welcoming and encouraged us tons. The singing of the church service rings in my ears. The way they would sing with such passion and spirit. I will remember the hot kitchen and how if I would turn on the fan the gas stove would go out. Along with that the Geko that i found in the rice. Last I will remember that how the little that we were able to help and how it affected the eternity for so many.