Monday, November 24, 2008

Country Beat Down

Tonight I was hanging out with Cassie and our friend Shane from Ellensburg in Nashville. We went to dinner and walked around downtown Nashville. We went into Souvenir shops and our last stop was to go to the Tubbs Music shop. In there was lots of country music and photos of famous country stars. Up to this point everyone has been so friendly to us. Finally as we were leaving and cassie bought the DVD Gospel journey of Johnny Cash, I showed cassie the Diamond Rio CD (because we are going to the Opry tomorrow to see them).
The girl behind the counter said that "they are a good band."
Cassie chimed in about how I do not like country. "
I defended myself by saying that "I was forced to listen to country as I road the bus for 3 years in high school."
Cassie said "he will listen and doesn't mind it.
The girl behind the counter said "What do you like? Let me judge you."
"I like Johnny Cash"
"Everyone likes Johnny Cash, who else?" as she mocked me.
(Then it took a turn for the worse.) "and Garth Brooks" I replied
Then she looked me in the eye and said the most mean thing that I have ever heard from a complete stranger. She said "your a d*#$@% bag!" She started hillariously laughing at me.
I was so taken back. I thought that I should defend myself now to accept approval of a complete stranger. (An issue that I have and working on) So I said that "I also like Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler."
Now the guy behind the counter put his head into his hands as if I just gave in the most horrible news ever. The girl replied with disgust and dismay "I can't believe you just said Kellie Picker. Anyone other than Kellie Picker!"

At this point Shane was ghost white because he hadn't said anything and was afraid that he would be put down also. Since he is also a non-country guy.

So I left and wanted to curl up into a ball, suck my thumb and rock back and forth. Still to this point I do not have any cleaver combacks. Ughh!

Coming soon:
what I am implementing after this week of NYWC.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tank of Doom

This last week Heather (our lead pastors wife) has had surgery with a gal blatter removed and for further tests. Paul and heather needed to go to Seattle to get checked out to see what is going on with her. Since I heard they were going I asked Paul "how I could help?" He asked me to take care of his fish. We in the office have teased that it is the "Tank of Doom" and I have heard through the wall the toilet flushing more often than usual. I am sad to announce that last night 4 of the fish didn't make it. So I cleaned the tank and put in some new water and during staff meeting two more pasted on. I am afraid to go into paul's office since the evil empire song rings in my head. Da Da, Dom, da da dom, da da dom. The fish that are left are fighters and are looking strong but there is one that is breathing but more floating than swiming. This is what the tank looks like. 5 Gold fish and one sucker fish remain. Stay tuned to how the rest of the drama unfolds.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Overflow (11-11)

This week we talked about Worship. What do we worship and how we are to worship. We talked about what the world worships, what it means to worship through song and finally how to worship through our actions. We looked at Matthew 6:19 not to store up treasures on earth, Psalm 98 to make a joyful noise all the earth, and Romans 12:1-2 to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice. The students did a good job of following along. We had a smaller group due to work, Mr. LHS and Homework. We did two madlibs as our games. Which turn out to be some really funny stuff.

Annoucements: B+
Lesson: A-
Fun: C+
Orderliness: A-
Overall: B

Sunday, November 9, 2008

CrossCulture and Discipleship (11-9)

CrossCulture is the Jr high + parent sunday school. It is currently being taught by the Morgans. They are leading the group through a series on Creation vs. Evolution. This week we talked about the connection between science and the Bible. We took a survey, we made up ideas how an object could have been made without a creator and we finished by making paper airplanes to proove a point that they have a creator.

Discipleship is the high school sunday school. We are currently studying big words of the Bible. We looked at Atonement this week. Atonement means to make amends. Christ made amends when he Died on the cross. We looked at Leviticus 23:27 and the Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). This is study is piggybacking off of the last two studys of Propitiation and Expiation.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

CrossOver (11-5)

This month we are speaking about Worship. Tonight we discussed what worship means and how that word applies to singing. We talked about Paul and Silias singing in jail, singing together and different ways to express that. To give our full attention to God. To show worth to God.

Next week we will be discussing "worship and the world." We will be talking about how the world influences us to worship material possessions.

Two weeks I will be speaking on "Worshiping God with your body." Romans 12:1-3

Tonight we played $1000 bill exchange. The kids loved it. Tonight was also the debut of Mario Kart at the basement. This is a great way to keep students hanging around and a way for us to connect with them. This goes great with Guitar Hero II

Annoucements: B
Fun: B-
Orderlyness: C-
Message: C+
Overall: B-

Monday, November 3, 2008

Choctober Slip-n-slide (10-29)

For the colmination of a month of talking about how God is like chocolate we had a outreach oportunity. We met at the church for youth group. We did a skit "The Fantastic Fable of the Prince and the Chocolate Chicken" this was a silly skit but it brought home the point that we need Christ. I gave an invitation to accept christ. The students did a great job bringing their friends. They brought 6 new people to the group. Then we went out to the back 40 where I had set up the 100 foot long slip-n-slide. Once we got out there we put the chocolate onto the slide. I bought 5 gallons of Hersheys chocolate syrup but that was not enough. So I would buy about 25 gallons at least. It worked but we needed to add some water to the chocolate. The kids still loved it and still had fun. Since there was not enough chocolate the kids didn't slide far. I slid the farthest. About 90 feet but the farthest student slid about 25-50 feet.

Next month we will be studying "Worship. Giving out full attention to God."