Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Day

Today is Tuesday. Back home it is 10:56pm on Monday. It has been so hard to call or skype to catch Cass back home. The timing of our breaks have not worked out very well. L

Yesterday we had a full day. In the morning we went to worship as usual. Then the youth and I did our study together. Then we had lunch and right afterward we jumped into a van to go to the beach. The Springfield has more than one resort. So we got a free ride. The beach was covered with Shells. We filled two freezer bags full of shells. We walked down the beach to the Jet Ski rental. Which is a place on the beach with jet ski’s. Not much of a rental place. So for ½ hour we paid 1200 Baht. So we rented two and did an hour each. But I talked the guy down from 4800 to 4100. In US dollars that is $132. Which was a scholarship given by someone from the united states. The jet skis were really fun. The water is harder to drive in with the waves and stuff. But totally worth the money. On the beach were people selling skirts and massages. I was really interested in a massage but didn’t have the time. (I will look into it when we go to town today) We took the shuttle back to our hotel and then swam in the pool until dinner. After dinner the youth wanted to watch a movie, so we went to my room and watched the Terminal. With Tom hanks. Then at 8:45pm they wanted to go out and play gray Wolf. (Or Ghosts in the grave yard) So after all that going going going we called it quits at 10pm. We all were beat, but some great connecting was made between the youth. These kids are in need of these connections for support. Many of them are homeschooled in a country that they don’t have a lot of friends so this is the only interaction with each other that they get all year. This has been an amazing opportunity. And Again I am greatful to Warner Alliance Church for allowing me to serve here. I will be honest we are not suffering here. It is beautiful and warm.

In about an hour we are going to town and meet up with the U's. They are staying at a hotel near where we are. Since it is Chinese new year they are here for a conference as well. Which new year is a month long. Now that is some serious party.

Thanks for your paryers of health and safety. We are doing really well. A youth cut her leg on the pool yesterday and another one went down the slide head first into the pool and cut his head open and needed 7 stitches. Other than that a few bumps and bruises and little colds. But everything else is going awesome.

The youth are responding well to the work of God and to that I praise Him!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring field first 24 hours

We have made it to the Spring field resort. The house that Jack built. (Jack Nickerson) It is a resort that has a golf coarse. It is a really beautiful place. Palm trees everywhere, geckos everywhere and other than the workers here you would never expect that you were in Thailand. It is not really what I would imagine a missions trip would be like.

The kids group is meeting at the Pavillion and the youth are meeting in Bill and I’s suite. The children are learning “Going deep with God.” The youth are doing a study called “Main Event.” Spending time with God should be our main event. The youth are awesome.

FYI bill slept and he is now doing fine. Thanks for your prayer.

I am really enjoying the International workers. Since I have gone to Simpson I learned about these guys and I see them as Heroes of the faith. That they would be willing to give up the comforts of home to go and serve. I really noticed that tonight with the talent show tonight and the videos that were sent from the States. Of Ice cream and crunch bars.

I have been enjoying the youth. We have laughed. We have spent heart-felt stories with each other. And we have played together. The kids are fun and very knowledgeable. My heart goes out to these youth. They are in a living situation that they didn’t choose. (I know that no kid has a say) but these kids are in boarding schools and international schools. I know that they don’t know the difference. So what I am saying is I really look up to these kids. They have not complained or fussed over where they live.

Speaking of candy. A dent has been made in the candy. Maybe 1/10 has been eaten so far. J Warner, I am so proud to say I serve there with the support that came in with the candy. I would love to maybe sponsor the youth for next year to do an outing together.

Tomorrow after our bible study and extended quiet time we will be going to the beach. A person has given scholarship for the youth to go on this outing. The kids are opening up with each other and trips like this help them break the ice and relate with each other. (Pictures coming soon.)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cruising the mall (but not at the same time)

Today we set off and went down to river. (not sure which one) and took a river boat cruise. We embarked on a cruise and it was a blast. We were able to create our own cruise experience. AKA not go to the Snake Farm. PTL! It was interesting and fun. We started off going down the river and connecting up to a lock system. (like the panama canal) At this point we were in the lock with a bunch of other boats. We were next to a boat with Europeans being europeans at the beach. If you know what I mean. Awkward! Didn't they know this was Asia? They must have taken a wrong turn at Switzerland. Then we went to the floating market. Which didn't turn out to be as neat as I had imagined. But it is supposed to be really neat on saturdays. (more boats). But one lady came up to our boat with tons of souvenirs and sharon was interested in. We passed nice houses and houses that could be swapped as ones in mexico or Africa. We stopped briefly at a catfish spanning place that a man wanted us to buy food for the fish to have good luck. We told him "We don't need no stinkin luck." and drove off. Then we stopped and got out of the boat at a Buddhist temple that we could climb. The steps being anywhere from a 12" to 18" a step and very steep. But great views and the temple was very ornate. We finished our tour by a view of the Grand Palace (Buddist Temple) from the water. Not as impressive as being in there. Sights were awesome but the water was not so awesome! Trash everywhere. We did our best to not let the water get in our mouth. It was hard with the mist that came up when we would hit a wake.
After that the girls wanted to do more shopping at the MBK (mall of bangkok) but bill was not feeling well. Not adjusting to the time change easily. :( So sharon and I took him back to the hotel and then went to meet up with the rest of our group to go to the Silk making factory/farm. But the food at the food court and the shopping sucked us in at the MBK. At the Gaming store I asked about Wii games and they said they were 100 Baht. (about $3.50 US) I thought that was great. I payed the man and he told me to come back in 10 minutes. So we left and I didn't understand why he couldn't just give it for me. Then I thought that he had it in the back. Well I came back and yes it was too good to be true. He gave me a cd that didn't look like a normal version of a wii game. OOPS! I didn't know. Huh wonder if it works. :
Another good day!
Tomorrow we take off at 9 to travel to the main objection of this trip. 2 hours by bus. And we will meet up with our new friends.
I haven't gotten a massage yet. But where we are going has one. Totally going to look into that.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

We made it to the land of Thai

We made it to Bangkok!

Today we woke up at the normal time (here) and ate breakfast at our hotel. It was pancakes, cereal with rice milk, fruit, guava juice, orange juice, and two different kinds of stirfry stuff. I tryed it all one of the stir frys was unbeleiveably Hot! I spit that out. It also had tofu.

We went to the Emeral Palace today. That is a depressing place. Hundreds of people coming to worship an idol made by man. Dont get me wrong it is beautiful but not a good place. No hope. The God shaped hole is not being filled.

Then we took the taxi to the MBK (Also known as a 8 story mall) Where you can barder for anything on the shelf. I got some screamin deals. Also got a nintendo Wii game that i thought was too good to be true. And i was write. Mario Kart for $3 US! can you say Pirated? oops.

Then on the way home the girls wanted to take the train and then a TukTuk. They hadn't been on either. The train was packed. I think school just got out or work. wall to wall people from the time we got on till we got off. Then the TukTuk is a motor cycle with a cart welded on the back for passengers. That doesn't sound bad. But then they weave in and out of traffic. And at times drive 6" to a foot" away from other vehicles going in either direction. Oh and BTW they drive on the left side not the right. And to cross the street you just start walking out into the street. The drivers are wild. But they take the blame if they hit you. Which we are cautious but still have to get places. NYC was a good breaking in for me to cross here. Collen from Bellveiw and in our group said crossing is like real life Frogger.

We bought a sim card today but it is not working. So I can't call my wife. GRRRRR!!! We might need to go buy another converter.

Almost on the sleeping schedule because of staying up so late on the way here and then sleeping till 7 am.

Bill is not been able to get his stomach onto the time zone yet. Or it is the Thai food. So far no major incidents. it is just upset.He just hasn't been hungry.

Everyone is getting along great. Tom and Collen from bellveiw are hilarious.

A theme today was "theres a story" We looked at people and could see the hurt or the pain that was in their lives. One older man was with a 4ish year old girl. A woman had a distinct hand print across her face. A non-attractive american man was with a woman that was out of his league and didn't wear enough clothes. This place (like many) needs Jesus!

Well this is random. I am getting sleepy

Tomorrow a little organizing and talking though what we will be doing for the conference. We are going to try to go to the floating market too. It is a market the venders sell out of canoes. Like fruit and veggies. Crazy huh.

Monday, January 24, 2011

New adventure

Tomorrow (Jan 25th) I will be embarking on a missions trip to Thailand. I will be meeting up with some other pastors and volunteers to put on a conference for missionaries from China. It is weird how it is cheeper for 10 or so of us to travel across the ocean to another country to lead this trip. But strangely it is. I will be leading a group of 15 youth in a conference/camp for 5 days. Our theme will be Main Event. Talking about the importance of Quiet times and giving them some ideas/tools to liven up the most important time of the day, the "Main event" of our day. We will be studying together and spending time with our Lord. These students have grown up in the church and are very intelligent when it comes to the bible. I am excited to learn with them. But like all of us we need to take our head knowledge and put it into action. We may know much of the bible but without a relationship with our creator we are just like the Pharisees. So I will be back in the states Feb 5th 11am back in lewiston. I am going to try to update this blog but may get a little busy. I hope to share what we did (as in quiet time ideas) on future blogs.