Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Day

Today is Tuesday. Back home it is 10:56pm on Monday. It has been so hard to call or skype to catch Cass back home. The timing of our breaks have not worked out very well. L

Yesterday we had a full day. In the morning we went to worship as usual. Then the youth and I did our study together. Then we had lunch and right afterward we jumped into a van to go to the beach. The Springfield has more than one resort. So we got a free ride. The beach was covered with Shells. We filled two freezer bags full of shells. We walked down the beach to the Jet Ski rental. Which is a place on the beach with jet ski’s. Not much of a rental place. So for ½ hour we paid 1200 Baht. So we rented two and did an hour each. But I talked the guy down from 4800 to 4100. In US dollars that is $132. Which was a scholarship given by someone from the united states. The jet skis were really fun. The water is harder to drive in with the waves and stuff. But totally worth the money. On the beach were people selling skirts and massages. I was really interested in a massage but didn’t have the time. (I will look into it when we go to town today) We took the shuttle back to our hotel and then swam in the pool until dinner. After dinner the youth wanted to watch a movie, so we went to my room and watched the Terminal. With Tom hanks. Then at 8:45pm they wanted to go out and play gray Wolf. (Or Ghosts in the grave yard) So after all that going going going we called it quits at 10pm. We all were beat, but some great connecting was made between the youth. These kids are in need of these connections for support. Many of them are homeschooled in a country that they don’t have a lot of friends so this is the only interaction with each other that they get all year. This has been an amazing opportunity. And Again I am greatful to Warner Alliance Church for allowing me to serve here. I will be honest we are not suffering here. It is beautiful and warm.

In about an hour we are going to town and meet up with the U's. They are staying at a hotel near where we are. Since it is Chinese new year they are here for a conference as well. Which new year is a month long. Now that is some serious party.

Thanks for your paryers of health and safety. We are doing really well. A youth cut her leg on the pool yesterday and another one went down the slide head first into the pool and cut his head open and needed 7 stitches. Other than that a few bumps and bruises and little colds. But everything else is going awesome.

The youth are responding well to the work of God and to that I praise Him!

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