Thursday, April 25, 2013

April-May Series'

I try to plan out messages in about a three year cycle. (But it isn't a law we have to stay with those ones.) With the tragic stuff going on in the world and with recent things that happened in our community; I had picked a few series, months ago, and it is a God thing how well they gel together.

Elevate/Launch (wednesday night jr/sr high)
We are going through the movie To Save a Life and talking about some of the issues that this movie brings up. I perposly picked to do this at the end of the year so our new jr highers were more mature and were able to discuss these tough topics. I ordered a book to go through but it didn't get here early enough so I used the website FCA bible studies, and then used Youtube to watch the videos to illustrate the scene.
Bonus one to put a lesson together is this one

Impact (sunday morning first service)
To save time and energy we have decided to take the topic on Wednesday night and put a twist onto it. We are taking the topic that we learned and look at another scriptures with a different message. It has been a really good study for us to talk about in a deeper way. These topics are that important to talk about again. If you interested in knowing our questions email me at

Fusion (sunday morning second service)
We are going through the book of Habakkuk. Speaking on prayer and dealing with hard times. We took the series from and worked it out to be our own.

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