Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The heavenly Draft

This last weekend was the NFL draft. I was glued to the NFL13 draft app. I watched when my team (49ners) drafted and as I was watching I kept thinking about how this is the big boys fantasy draft. I also was thinking about how the teams would try to try and find the best players to fit what the team needed. They would pick these players with high hopes of what the future will hold. These kids have high hopes and high expectations of how they will do in the NFL. My thoughts quickly went to the promise of Heaven. (Colossians 1:27); In heaven there will be no tears and no more death.  (Revelation 21:4)  As I am excited about my team and the potential this season; I get even more excited about the promise of my eternal home. One day I am excited to hear Jesus call my name for the Heavenly Draft. If you would like more information about heaven comment on this post. 

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